Current Projects

I am not doing anything particularly visible to others these days. :-p

Past Projects


Failmalloc is a shared library, which can be loaded by LD_PRELOAD, forcing memory allocation calls to fail at user-defined ratios. This is useful when you need to check how robust a program is, since you rarely see malloc/realloc/memalign failing in reality. But if such a bug is not noticed before installed to a production system, you will get troubled. I am the author.


GNU GRUB 2 is the next generation of GNU GRUB, and derived from PUPA.  I was the official maintainer.


GNU GRUB is a Multiboot-compliant boot loader. It is used by several Multiboot-compliant operating systems and kernels (such as GNU Hurd, OpenSolaris, and L4), many GNU/Linux distributions (such as Red Hat Linux, Mandriva Linux, Debian GNU/Linux, Gentoo Linux, openSUSE, and Ubuntu), and more. I was the official maintainer.


ERP5 is a set of Open Source / Free Software Components to implement a simple yet consistent enterprise resource management solution. ERP5 is being designed as a reliable solution for small and medium businesses as well as an development platform for advanced electronic commerce applications which require resource planning. This project is supported by Nexedi. I was the technical leader.


Umigumi is a Free Software published under the General Public License which simplifies the generation of custom Linux distributions and their deployment on various media: Flash memory cards, LiveCD, hard disk, etc. Umigumi is also a fantastic tool for system integrators looking to automate configuration and quality assurance of complex Linux based solutions. This project is supported by Nexedi. I was the maintainer.


PEWIT stands for Polling Enlightens WIreless neTworks. It solves the so-called “hidden station” problem in outdoor installations of wireless networks. This project was supported by Nexedi and TGC. I was the official maintainer.


cvsdigest provides a CVS commit notification system. Unlike other similar projects, cvsdigest sends mail batched with a specified interval. This reduces the number of messages significantly when committers tend to check in changes one by one. I was the official maintainer.


PUPA was a research project for the next generation of GNU GRUB. This project was supported by Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan. I was the official maintainer. This project became GRUB 2.


BugCommunicator (aka bugcomm) is a bug tracking system. It was born because of dissatisfaction with the BTS called CodeX used in Savannah, because it was hard to communicate with bug reporters via e-mail. This project was part of PUPA.


BioRuby is a project to create a helpful framework for bioinformatics studies, using the object-oriented scripting language Ruby. I was one of the staff.

GNU Parted

GNU Parted is a partition editor with which you can copy, create, delete, and resize your partitions. I maintained the Japanese version of the manual.

GNU Hurd

GNU Hurd is the GNU replacement for the Unix kernel. I wrote some simple translators for it.

GNU Mach

GNU Mach is the GNU version of Mach kernel used by Hurd. I played a major role towards the release 1.2. The biggest work was to update/rewrite Linux device drivers and the emulation layer.


GNUjdoc is a collection of GNU manuals translated into Japanese. I was the official maintainer, and translated some manuals myself.

Brave GNU World

Brave GNU World is a monthly column for GNU Project. I was the translator for Japanese, then I was one of the proofreaders for Japanese.

…and many others

I sometimes contribute to Free Software projects quite randomly. Mostly small bugfixes.

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